Best ways to deal with orange stains on your shower curtains

If you’ve always worried about how to deal with stubborn yellow stains on your bathroom curtains, it’s normal—and it’s a shared problem—because the shower is one of the few places we can never avoid for so long. No matter how much you hate germs, sickness and diseases, taking a break for that soothing dip in your bathtub, sometimes, looks like the only solution to body pain and problems from your daily life challenges.

Nonetheless, medical experts tell us that some we need some kind and number of bacteria to stay safe. Contradictory as some health tips from doctors may be, I personally find orange stains a turnoff when I sight them anywhere in my bathroom. True. I hate sharing my personal space with bacteria. Not that I suffer from some kind of phobia or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), but you wouldn’t like to experience the home cleaning pains I suffered shortly after my wedding and relocation to our new home in Oregon.

Shower curtain

It was barely two months in the apartment when we kicked off our tour of the states and, exactly one month later, our return marked the beginning of my sorrows. My husband wanted us to call in a home cleaning company but I declined—to prove myself a “real woman” with good knowledge of how to clean orange stains from shower curtains. I was totally wrong about it.

‘Sweetheart, I can be a city girl but I grew up doing almost everything your grandma believes modern day American women hate so much…Doing laundry is one of them.’

‘Oh, wow!’ He replied, admiring me in appreciation. I never knew what he had on his mind but, obviously, it was positive and inspiring.

I picked up the shower curtains, dumped them in the machines and washed for some minutes. When it was dry and ready for pick-up, all I wanted was to stir in the washing machine, grab our sparkling shower curtains, and brag about my homely nature, cleanliness and washing skills—at least, in my head. I expected to hear my husband showering praise on his beloved wife after seeing the clothing but, alas, the disappointment was more than I could contain.

‘Don’t worry about that, my love,’ he said, ‘I’ve always known such orange stains to be stubborn…My grandma actually has a trick with them.’

‘Really. You know how to clean off these taunting microbes?’

He appreciated my efforts and eventually taught me the secrets of removing orange stains from shower curtains. I love to learn, especially from those with better knowledge than myself. There’s no shame in it at all. Now cleaning stubborn bathroom stains with common household items is a chore I enjoy so much. You too can share in my wealth of experience, particularly if you understand that your hygiene level tells a lot about your personality.

The personal hygiene concepts

I am one of those people who dislike dirty environments—not just because they are appalling—but for the fact that I get goose bumps staring at them. It’s simply gross and nauseating, don’t you agree? Good personal hygiene can extend your lifespan. Likewise, living in unkempt places and taking your bath in mouldy and stuffy bathrooms pose huge threats to your survivability. Orange stains on your shower curtains aren’t good for your health.

Tips on removing orange stains

Orange stains are found in many places around the bathroom. The number of microorganisms multiply in large numbers on daily basis. However, your diligence and cleaning experience will help reduce or completely eliminate more growth—at least, for a longer period. These are some of the easiest ways to eradicate bacteria growth on your shower curtains:

Go get your lemon juice, bleach, salt and vinegar because you need one or all of them to kill as many germs as are available in your bathroom. The liquid chemical is effective as a home cleaning agent and is specifically made for removing stubborn stains. Professionals in the field thus suggest the following:

  1. Get a little quantity of lemon juice and splash or sprinkle it around the stained area. Some people prefer adding it to their cold, warm or hot water to be used for handwashing the shower curtains.
  2. You may use vinegar, instead. It also acts as a strong and effective cleaning agent. Douse it around the stained area, wait for few minutes, and soak it in water (cold, warm or hot).
  3. Add salt to the wet areas and watch how it absorbs the stains.
  4. Take more salt and brush up the stains. It acts as a safe abrasive.
  5. Use brush for a thorough scrub and rinse in hot, soapy water for a perfect wash.
  6. Your clean shower curtains are clean and ready to be spread indoors or outside.
  7. Alternatively, you can skip the previous steps and use a chlorine-based cleaner. Start with wearing rubber gloves, which is necessary for swishing your fabric in water, especially for those with sensitive skin.
  8. Soak the curtains in, preferably, hot water. Make sure that you drop the bottom first because that part is always the worst stained.
  9. Immerse the materials in water and soak for about 20 or 30 minutes.
  10. Wash it off.
  11. Repeat this process.
  12. Proceed to your washing machine. Add some towels to reduce the hard pressure from your fabric-cleaning technology. The soft, thick materials help preserve and rejuvenate your bathroom curtains.
  13. Viola! Take out your clothing to experience the unbelievable magic of chlorine bleach.

Washing off the orange stains on your shower curtains with household items is one of the best, safest, cheap and non-toxic ways. It is simple as well as easy to learn. You just need to give it a try.

Importantly, you must carefully check the fabric tags to know they are machine-washables.

Whether you are handwashing the bathroom curtains or using a washing machine, it is advisable that you apply caution because washing gently preserves your clothing quality.

Cause of orange stains on shower curtains

Most microbes thrive in water and those orange stains contain lots of disease-causing germs than you can ever imagine. For example, a mixture of water and soap suds on the shower curtains dries up after some time, but not without forming mould, which eventually expands in strength, size and colour if left uncleaned for a longer period. This makes it harder to remove except with effective cleaning methods discussed above. And when the rot comes in contact with your delicate skin, it causes infectious diseases.


To protect your shower curtains from orange stains and safeguard your health as well as those of your loved ones, you should try the washing methods once every month.