Best Valentine’s Day gifts

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Here are some Creative Ways to Say Happy Valentine’s Day

Going for a hike or a picnic in a park filled with gorgeous nature views are two great ways to celebrate a day of romance. A handmade card or a poem that you take the time and effort to write can even do more for your relationship than dropping a lot of cash at a local restaurant.

“Bonding occurs when people connect. Connection happens through touch or shared experiences,” explains Charde’ Hollins, Licensed Therapist, Clinical Social Worker, and CEO of Relevant Connections.

“Centering the heart over a dollar doesn’t mean cheesy or cheap. Presentation is everything! The smallest gesture coupled with an already subscribed music app, a free handwritten letter, an hour of quality time, and year-round respect for one another will always prove more valuable than any price tag,” she adds.

Consider finding more personalized or individualized ways to show your love for your partner, things that would not be as quantifiable in monetary terms but rather would be emotionally impactful and resonant with your partner or date


Sharing a unique experience, like a Game Night marathon or gazing at the stars at night, can create special memories. If you want a gift to remember the occasion, try a thrift store challenge, where you both have a certain amount of time to find a gift under ten dollars. You can come up with something wacky and fun!

The key to an enjoyable Valentine’s Day is to express what’s in your heart, without stressing your mind—or your wallet.

“Much of the stress around gift-giving is created by the internal expectation we think another is holding. Often the person you are worried about gifting is also worried about the gift for you. Having a real conversation can allow you to remove this inner critic and find comfort in knowing you are showing up for your partner in the way they would like,” Shelton concludes.

What This Means For You

When budgets are tight, getting creative can turn a stressful time into an enjoyable, thoughtful, bonding experience. This Valentine’s Day, show that it’s less about the money and truly the thought that counts. Your purse strings, and your mental health, will thank you for it.