Best Career Advice From Moms.

My mom made me take multiple career personality tests (e.g., Briggs Myers) … all of which recommended I would be an ‘analyst’ – guess what?  I’m an analyst! And enjoying every minute of it.” —Deanna Hampton, principal market research analyst

“Find a trusted mentor, someone who has your best interests in mind and will give you straightforward advice—just like your mother would.” —Jeanne Kalosieh, senior content manager

“The best career advice I got from my mom started at a very young age. She told me I could do anything I put my mind to even if I wanted to be president of the U.S. I was raised to believe in myself and knew there were no limits of what I set my mind to. She instilled confidence in me at a very young age, which I will always be eternally grateful for.” —Joanie Courtney, senior vice president of Global Market Insights

“Put down that damn bologna sandwich and get a job!” —John Tremblay, copywriter

“My mom passed on the same wisdom you’ve probably heard before: ‘work hard, play hard.’ For me today, it means take your responsibilities seriously, but don’t let them overwhelm you. Take time for yourself before you get burnt out and spend time with the ones you love.” —Chris Sicuranza, public relations manager

“My mom used to write restaurant reviews for a New York paper. She would bring her notebook and keep it on her lap as she ate to prevent the staff from catching on. Sometimes she would also take her then-boyfriend, and he kept stealing bread from the bread basket and putting it in his coat pockets. By the time she left the job, he’d consumed so much stolen bread that he’d gained 20 pounds. I’m not sure what the moral of this story is.” —Mack Gelber, content writer

Family first. Life gets hectic and changes a lot. There is always an opportunity to provide for your family while dealing with your current situation… all while gaining new skills and leading a busy and interesting life.” —Dayna Brown, talent acquisition partner

“’The squeaky wheel gets the grease’” was and is my mom’s favorite piece of advice for my career – and life overall. For me, it essentially means that you can’t get something if you don’t ask for it, and that you can—and should—always ask.” —Rachel Rampino, marketing communications specialist

“My mom always told me to ‘look your best when you feel your worst.’ I love this advice because sometimes it can help you pick yourself up and start fresh. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy.” —Brooke Zambroski, social media specialist

“My mom told me to find something I’m passionate about and pursue it and not be afraid to make mistakes along the way. She’s a cool person.” —Kim McCarter, events coordinator

“If anyone ever says they’re better than you, show them they are not.” —Matthew Doucette, director, global talent acquisition

“Save a portion of every paycheck.” —Margaret Magnarelli, managing editor

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Be yourself. Don’t gossip. All you can do is your very best. Always pick your battles.” —Julia Gaynor, senior content manager

“Make sure you stop and observe every once in a while…you can learn so much from people by simply listening and watching.” —Leah Joyce, senior director, marketing

“Stand strong with integrity and honesty. Be clear.” —Liz Torres, editorial operations manager

“Do what makes you happy.” —Stephanie Voutas, senior administrative assistant

“What was the best career advice you ever got from your mom?”

That’s the million dollar question which got every staff at Monster (a job recruitment firm) thinking about the impact mothers made on their careers.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day today May 8, officials at the company have kindly shared their secrets as a way of saying Happy Mother’s Day.

Do you have memories of any career advice from your mom?

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