Belgian Judo Medalist Beaten Up In Brazil, While Celebrating On The Beach.

Image: File Photo

It was never unexpected that bad things like robberies, violence and drugs would be a problem at the 2016 Rio Olympics, but unwarranted attacks on athletes shows there are security lapses to be questioned.

A few hours ago, reports confirm that a Belgian judo medalist named Dirk Van Tichelt was attacked while celebrating his win on the Copacabana beach.

He never thought his partying would end up on a hospital bed but that just happened.

The Belgian Van Tichelt was attacked, a few hours after winning his first-ever Olympic medal. He won bronze in the 73-kg judo competition on Monday, and did no wrong wanting to relax and enjoy the wonderful moment.

Reports confirm that Van Tichelt was assaulted by a thief on the famous beach, and was struck in the face.

The thief, who was reportedly Brazilian, took away his mobile phone but wasn’t lucky to have the bronze medal.

The Belgian Olympic Committee released a statement confirming the details, and saying that Van Tichelt didn’t require treatment at the hospital. He appeared at a media event the next day with a black eye, and, undoubtedly, a smile on his face.

Van Tichelt now has more than just a medal to commemorate his Olympic success.