Beijing’s New Airport Will Feature Rails For High-speed Trains.

Latest news on China’s Beijing International Airport say construction at the site has kicked off, revealing that the airport will feature high-speed rails for trains.

According to a report from JinghuaTimes, travelers will soon enjoy more convenient channels for arriving at and departing the new international airport.

New Beijing airport to feature subterranean high-speed rail

Image shows a 3D version of the new airport site under construction.

The report says, all arrivals and departures–domestic and international–has been perfectly structured to be on separate floors of the airport. This is aimed at easing traffic at the airport’s lobby.

Each floor will also feature a direct street entrance and exit.

At the same time, a high-speed rail will run directly underneath the airport, which will be the first time such a setup has been employed in any airport around the world.

The new airport will be in Daxing district, 46 kilometers south of Tian’anmen Square. It will be 67 kilometers from Beijing Capital International Airport.

The airport will feature a six-pier radial concept that has been designed to increase connectivity and reflect the Chinese landscape and culture.

The new structure will also include four runways, 150 parking aprons for passenger jets, 24 parking aprons for cargo aircraft, 14 maintenance areas and a terminal building with a surface area of 700,000 square meters.

As for the subterranean high-speed rail, a station of the Beijing-Kowloon high-speed railway will be set up in the terminal’s underground.

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