Beautiful journalist faints during Obama’s last press briefing

A beautiful journalist who has been identified as Karmel Allison fainted during President Barack Obama’s last presser. He had to halt his conference so the woman could get medical assistance.

Mr Obama only continued responding to questions after he confirmed a doctor was around to handle the situation.

Media reports say the out-going U.S. President called his personal doctor to take care of Allison. And reporters had a field day on social media while they patiently waited to throw their questions at him.

The incident occurred as Mr President was discussing “Refugee Crisis in Aleppo,” noting that he has a personal responsibility for what’s going on there. He however had to pause after noticing people were battling to save someone’s life in the back of the briefing room.

“Does somebody want to go to my doctor’s office…Can somebody help out please and get Dr. Jackson in here,” Obama asked, though it took sometime for his doctor to arrive, according to

“Go through the Palm doors. It’s right next to the Map Room,” the president directed.

Image shows Karmel Allison standing with other reporters.

For the act of kindness from Obama, one reporter who witnessed the incident wrote on Twitter: “The most dad thing he’s done since he got better jeans.”

“Obama trying to direct people to the doctor’s office in the White House is the worst 2016 metaphor,” another reporter wrote.

“Someone just fell ill during Obama’s speech, and the President sent in his doctors to help. That person got the REAL Obamacare,” someone with a better attitude added.

Ronny L. Jackson, a rear admiral, was one of the appointed personal doctors who are mostly military officers.

This isn’t the first of such incidents. In 2013, during the president’s speech at the launch of his Affordable Care Act, a pregnant woman standing behind him passed out, and the president helped stop her from falling over.

Though Mr President’s reaction aroused speculations from critics of his administration who argued that it was a political move, we now know that Obama is humane – no matter what haters say.

Among other topics discussed at the press briefing yesterday was Russia’s role in the recent presidential election.

The president mourned that his mentor and former U.S. President Ronald Reagan “would be rolling over in his grave if he could see the way that many Republicans are now defending Vladimir Putin.”