Beautiful Chinese actress invites gold diggers to woo her, says she’s ready to spend

Chinese actress Yang Mi has proclaimed that she is wealthy enough not to care if potential suitors are after her money.

The wildly popular star, who is reportedly worth 5 billion yuan (S$1 billion), appeared on the latest episode of Chinese variety show Mao Xue Woof, hosted by musician Mao Buyi and comedian Li Xueqin.

When asked about her dating philosophy, she said: “If someone is good to me because I have money, I would be overjoyed, because I have money.”

She also said she did not depend on others to give her a sense of security and chose to rely on herself.

Yang, 35, who is single, divorced Hong Kong actor-singer Hawick Lau, 47, in 2018 after four years of marriage. They have a seven-year-old daughter.

Yang has starred in a number of hit period series, including The Dream Of Red Mansions and Beauty’s Rival In Palace (both 2010), Eternal Love (2017), and modern dramas such as Beijing Love Story (2012).

One of the most followed personalities on Weibo, she has more than 111 million followers.

Her numerous endorsement deals with global brands such as Etro, Versace and Michael Kors have also added to her coffers.

On top of that, she established her own agency, Jay Walk Studio, in 2014, which has a number of stars in its stable, including Chinese actress-host Dilraba Dilmurat.


Yang Mi made her acting debut in 1990 at the age of four when she appeared in the historical television drama “Tang Ming Huang.”

Growing up as a child star, Yang has an extensive background in the industry. In 2011, she achieved widespread fame for her leading role in the hit historical romance drama “Palace: The Lock Heart Jade,” which spurred a trend for TV shows about time travel. Her lead roles for television have spanned genres from xianxia to historical romance to modern office drama, including “Swords of Legends”(2014), “The Interpreter”(2016) and “Eternal Love of Dream” (2020).

Yang is one of the most recognizable and commercially successful celebrities in China, and has been dubbed the “Goddess of Goods” for her ability to boost the fortunes of the brands she endorses as a spokesperson or ambassador. As of June 2021, her follower count on Weibo stands at more than 110 million.