“Barney” actor David Joyner now works as a Tantric sex guru

David Eugene Joyner, the American actor from Illinois who shot to limelight for his acting role as Barney (with Bob West voicing the character), is now a full-time manager of his Tantra massage business outfit.

Joyner, 54, is currently offering better perks than a big hug to all who care for something more soothing.


Joyner played Barney for more than 10 years until recently. He also worked as a software analyst at Texas Instruments for 6 years.

A report from The Sun confirmed that Joyner, an electronic engineering technology graduate from the ITT Technical Institute in Indianapolis, is now a Tantric sex guru.

Fans, friends and well-wishers are excited to know that their hero who lived inside the lovable Tyrannosaurus rex for a decade has now become a spiritual healer.

The Tantric sex therapist retired from Barney cast in 2001 but probably didn’t throw away his Dino suit. It appears he’s born to touch many lives in miraculous ways, switching from kids to adults – and never turning back, we hope.

Joyner’s Tantric massage practice has recorded 30 clients so far. The women are dubbed “goddesses”, and he is said to have the “powers” to “unblock the energy” of an estimated four women 5 days per week.

Although critics say the new job attracts less pay than what he earned as Barney in those years, nothing could be better than singing the theme song – I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family – and offering more than “a great big hug and a kiss” to a group of adoring women at his office in Los Angeles, California.

He earns $440 per full session with each of the “goddesses” for a duration of three to four hours.

Wondering what Joyner’s actual services are?

David Joyner image.jpg

It will sure interest you to know that he offers a ritual bath, chakra balancing and a massage, as well as a guaranteed orgasm.

Speaking to VICE about the demands of his new job, Joyner said: “When the lingam [penis] and the yoni [vagina] meet, there’s a certain energy that takes place that hands on the body alone cannot create.

“When you go down on a woman (orally), it should be just like you’re saying grace, like blessing the food you’re about to receive.”

Media reports confirm Joyner started studying Tantra as a teenager and got his first professional knowledge in 2004.

“When you leave my session, you will feel more alive, more awake, and more whole as to whom you are as a spiritual being,” read the notice on his website.

“I will help align and finetune your awareness of life, your goals and desires, your communication with others, yourself, and even your relationships.”