Barcelona Wins Estelada Appeal.

Barcelona fans has gained court approval allowing hoisting of the Estelada flag during games. It is a joyful moment for football lovers in Spain after learning that they are permitted by law to wave the flags in Sunday’s Copa del Rey final against Sevilla.

Image: Fans waving Esteladas on the street.

A report says the government delegation initially banned the flag from being seen at the Vicente Calderon. The reason lays claim on the grounds that its pro-Catalan connotations incited the ideology of separating the Spanish state.

In the latest development, a judge for the 11th Court of Administrative Litgation in Madrid made the decision of withholding the ban and allowing the flags to be displayed during matches.

Image: Barcelona fans are allowed to wave the Estelada flags.

“In no case has it been proven that the display of Esteladas could incite violence, racism, xenophobia or any other form of discrimination that violates human dignity,” the judge’s verdict concluded.

4 thoughts on “Barcelona Wins Estelada Appeal.

  1. Thumbs up, Barcelona. This club is suffering so much in Spain for the sake of what they have done over the years. Barca players are history makers. No amount of hate can stop them.