Babysitters arrested after putting Baby in Fridge and Posting Video on Snapchat

Two teenagers have been arrested for placing a crying baby in her mother’s refrigerator and shutting the door for fun.

The young girls recorded their spine-chilling act on video and uploaded it online without realizing the authorities could identify them.

Image shows the police office in Danver (Credit: Matt Stones).

According to a report from Boston Herald, the Snapchat video showed them laughing while placing the crying baby in a shelf inside the fridge.

A few seconds later, they were seen chuckling and saying, “See, she’s OK now,” before opening the cover to take her out.

The viral video was picked up by news outlets around the country, leading to their arrest.

Speaking in an interview with WCVB-TV Channel 5, the baby’s mother identified one of the juvenile birds as her niece.

They were charged with child endangerment, assault and battery with dangerous weapon.

Essex District Attorney spokesman Steve O’Connell said police officers from Danvers and Swampscott were informed of the incident as soon as the video source was confirmed, adding that the culprits are currently in police custody.

The two girls were arraigned in Essex Juvenile Court, Salem earlier this week.

“The refrigerator was the dangerous weapon,” O’Connell told Herald.

An official statement from the state’s Department of Children and Families says a report on the matter has been received, adding that joint investigations with the police are underway.

One of the saddened Danver residents who spoke with reporters described the girls’ inhuman behavior as a shock.

“This is really dehumanizing,” says a 72-year-old Al Mailloux, who reportedly lives in nearby Lynn.

“What happened to our kids’ morals? I can’t understand what both of them were thinking. I believe, and it’s obvious that they weren’t.”

The child’s mother told WCVB-TV that she had gone to take a shower and asked the girls to look after her baby for a few minutes.

“I must apologize to all sympathizers. My daughter is OK,” she confirmed.

“I was not aware of the wickedness before it went online. What they did was very stupid and evil.”

However, the woman added that those girls considered it playful to dump her child for a few second in the cold fridge.

“They didn’t do it trying to harm my daughter,” she added, but swore it’d be the last time she’ll ever leave the baby girl to her niece or circle of friends.