Avatar director James Cameron says career is no longer a priority


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The ‘Avatar’ director is as passionate as ever about making movies and can’t see himself slowing down unless he’s physically unable to work, though his career is no longer the most important thing in his life.

Writing in Empire magazine, he stated: “The bug is still there. The only thing that’s going to stop me from making films is getting hit by a cement truck or the inevitable march of time.

“But I think now I have Hollywood more in perspective. There was a time when making a film was the most important thing in the world to me.

“Now, it’s not. It’s a thing I love to do. But I know how important my family is, and some of my activities around food and sustainable agriculture and exploring are equally important.”

The 64-year-old director – who has a daughter with fourth wife Linda Hamilton and two children with current spouse Suzy Amis – thinks his outlook is “very healthy”.

He added: “So I have it in perspective and that’s a very, very healthy place to be. Otherwise, you can be bruised and damaged psychologically by Hollywood in general.”

The ‘Titanic’ filmmaker admits his wife wishes he worked less but he feels frustrated when he takes a day off.

He explained: “I have enough of a work ethic that it’s not like I’m ever phoning it in or slacking off. My schedule is as intense now as it ever was. And I like that just fine.

“I don’t know what to do with myself if I have a day off, so I just work continuously.

“I think my wife would prefer that I took a little time off from time to time, but I get nervous and pace around and think about all the things I could be doing, so it doesn’t really work for me.”