Australian Olympic Medalist in a ‘Tweaking’ Scandal.

A famous Australian Olympic gold medalist got himself involved in a nasty "tweaking" scandal en-route Adelaide to Melbourne. The star is said to have twisted a passenger's nipple during arguments over a seat. The 35-year-old Grant Hackett, who won 1500m freestyle gold in 2000 and 2004, is accused of "forcefully" grabbing the man's nipple on the plane yesterday because he was annoyed that the man reclined his seat a bit too far.

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The complainant spoke with The Daily Telegraph and explained that Hackett got angry and pushed the chair forward again after he tried reclining it for a better relaxation.

He continued: “Then he put his hand through and groped my chest and tweaked my nipple quite forcefully.”

Mr. Hackett is also alleged to have stroked the man’s arm and said:

“It’s OK, it’s all right.”

The victim admitted he felt unsafe and violated but didn’t agree that it was a “nasty” incident. However, he said it troubled him enough to make him worry about flying again.

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