Ashley Graham almost died while giving birth

Irobiko Chimezie

Ashley Graham almost died giving birth to her twins in January, revealing she “blacked out” and suffered a “severe” hemorrhage.

The model, 34, was at home when she welcomed her baby boys, she wrote in a Glamour essay on Friday.

Twin sons Malachi and Roman were delivered on the toilet and in the bathtub, respectively, before she “blacked out.”

The “A New Model” author felt “a light touch” on her cheek at the time, which was “someone smacking the crap” out of her.

Graham, who was with “a team of skilled, intelligent, and trained professionals” and husband Justin Ervin, now only remembers “seeing darkness and what seemed like stars.”

When the “American Beauty Star” host woke up, she “saw blood literally everywhere.” Graham later learned that she’d “lost liters.”

Ashley Graham

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model explained, “They didn’t want to tell me that one of the midwives had to flip me over, press her finger down right above my vagina bone to try and stop the bleeding.

“And they didn’t want to tell me that the vein in my arm kept collapsing and they couldn’t get the needle in for the Pitocin, so they’d had to put it in my hand.”


While Graham and Ervin’s baby boys were “fine,” the former “America’s Next Top Model” judge laid in bed “for four straight days” and “couldn’t walk for a week.” She spent nearly two months at home.

Graham hinted at a difficult birth in her announcement tweet, writing, “I’m taking some time to heal up and connect with my husband and three boys, but I truly cannot wait to share more with you all.”

She debuted Malachi and Roman via Instagram in February, telling her followers: “This has not been easy, but it’s so worth it.”

Graham is also the mother of son Isaac, 2. Between giving birth to her eldest son and her twin boys, she suffered a miscarriage.

“I’ve not shared this until now, but I fell pregnant in January of 2021, on my husband’s birthday,” she wrote on Friday. “Because it was my second pregnancy, I started to show early, and we were so excited. But at the end of February, I had a miscarriage.”

Graham called the loss “devastating,” adding, “It felt like one of the biggest losses I had ever had in my life to date.”

She concluded the essay by referring to herself a “warrior” for “surviving” — while still “struggling” with her body image postpartum.

“[I am] reteaching myself the affirmations that I have taught many,” she said of her Knix lingerie campaign. “That I am bold, I am brilliant, I am beautiful.”