Ariel Winter: I disliked my jumbo-size boobs


Ariel Winter underwent breast reduction because her large chest was making her ‘unhappy.’

The Modern Family star – who turned 18 last month – underwent surgery to reduce her enormous F-cup bra size. ‘Having so much weight on my frame was affecting me psychologically,’ she confessed. ‘I was uncomfortable and unhappy. It wasn’t because I didn’t like how I looked,’ she wrote in an essay for Motto, a new website from the editors of Time.

She added: ‘Women are already over-sexualised and I grew into my body so young. I was 13, 14 years old and I looked 19. Suddenly, people didn’t want to talk about my job – they just wanted to talk about my cleavage.’

The award-winning actress stated: ‘I chose surgery because of how I felt, not because of what anyone else thought.’

Ariel insisted she was never bothered by the negative comments she received about her figure online and her decision was made purely to please herself. She said: ‘People may find it hard to believe but when I got my breast-reduction surgery last year, it wasn’t because of the mean comments online.’

‘Afterwards, I automatically felt so much happier and just better physically,’ she added. ‘My back and shoulders didn’t hurt any more!’
Ariel knew her chest was going to be much bigger than average because she started puberty at quite a young age and her breasts grew very quickly, shifting attention from her acting work to her body.

‘I’d go to awards shows and the next day see everyone on the internet telling me I shouldn’t look like this and dress like that,’ she confessed.
The brunette beauty added: ‘The conversation became about my looks instead of my talent and work – everything that I didn’t want.’

Since having the procedure, Ariel has a new found love for retail therapy and has enjoyed buying clothes that suit her new physique.
She explained: ‘The first thing I wanted to do was go clothing shopping because I was so excited to be able to find things that fit properly instead of hiding in a baggy sweater.’
‘That meant the world to me.’

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    1. Nathalie, thanks for finding time to read and comment on my posts. Actually, it’s great she did what she had to do coz she alone knew what she felt. People talk thrash always. You know Angelina Jolie did the same, though for a different reason which was her health.