Arguments for and against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin

Sacrificing a Country like Ukraine is a big waste actually,he regret what he’s doing,Ukraine is a very beautiful country however WW3 has been Announced no stepping back,Russia can’t be challenged at all,Our choices choose our sacrifices and not the Number of people.

Khalid Ztr, PhD,BKG,Uky, ABET.

Your views are pretty cold and evil. This noble site has no place for Russian trolls.

Harry Izevbigie

If the US wanted to eject Russia badly enough Russia would be a smoldering ruin. All with conventional weapons. Russia survived WW2 because of US aid.

This won’t be WW3 but it will unify the west against the autocrat Putin. Have fun being frozen out of the world financial system.

John Bryant

There’s a place in hell for Putin right next to Hitler

Joseph George

The pit of hell is waiting for him.

Harry Izevbigie

While I do not support Putin` s actions, it is so sad to to see that all the “pro-democracy” last-hour activists said nothing when the USA invaded Iraq in 2003, when the USA bombed children in Afghanistan, when the USA supported Saddam Hussein or Noriega, when the West does business with Saudi Arabia despite their human rights situation, when the West does not recognize the Palestinian State etc. 71000 civilians murdered by USA drones in Afghanistan (link: and NATO, the Vatican, the EU, and the European colonies of the USA (Germany, UK, Italy Spain, Japan..) not uttering a word. Where were the people writing against Putin when NATO bombed Libya? And when NATO bombed Serbia? Was it really necessary to enlarge NATO yet again? And to propose to put missiles near Russian doorsteps? Biden calls Putin as the “aggressor”. But he strongly supported the Iraq invasion that led to 200K deaths? Trump murdered Gen. Soulemani and others one year ago. Who protested? Why is Assange still in jail? We western people only condemn others but stay silent about our crimes which are worse! #stopthehypocrites# If you agree with this, don`t “like” but Copy and share.

Martini Matteo

it’s a terrible argument by Martini. He uses false equivalence deflection. Apparently you can’t support Ukraine because of unrelated previous acts/wrongdoings. By that logic I guess you could have argued you couldn’t confront Hitker in Poland when you did nothing for Czechoslovakia et

Keith Taylor

It feels surreal every time I look at the news and see a tank running over a civilian car. How could we have let this get so far. Is there anything the West could have done differently before Putin invaded. Maybe sign a guarantee that they would not join NATO. And it would have been resolved.Ukraine is now in a precarious situation- fight to the death or accept defeat. This should never have been allowed by the West to happen. Sanctions are not having any effect. And Putin is running over this country like the tank over the car. So sad…

Diana Braley

Nato is the problem

Martini Matteo

That’s what you get when stupid people elect a brain dead president.

David Moody

David Moody Not helpful. At least the current president isn’t trying to cuddle up to him and telling the world what a genius Putin is.

Jonathan Jones

Matteo, did NATO make Russia/Mr. Putin attack Ukraine??? Come on and use your brain for more than a hat rack. Putin is a thug and the Russian people have just about had enough of him.

Dan Kosek

The victim blaming in Diana Braley‘s comment is real. How about instead: “Is there anything Putin could have done differently? Maybe negotiated instead of invading? And it would have been resolved.” Stop giving the aggressor a pass and making it about the invaded country’s potential missteps.

Adam Edgmond

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