Are These Trending Face-Kini Masks Really Safe?

Bathers all around China are fighting the heat wave with a strange-looking alternative to the classic combination of a sunscreen and a hat.

For many holiday makers, this kini-masks which appears to be made of waterproof fabrics, isn’t worn for protection but rather as a trendy swimwear.

Swimmers in China who enjoy visiting swimming pools–though many prefer the sandy beaches of Qingdao–find it fashionable swimming with the scary but ‘arguably’, fashionable masks.

Although this ‘chic’ face mask, may help in reducing the drastic effect UV exposure, there are growing security concerns on the social media.

It has recently been a widespread argument in the media that these trending kini-masks should be banned from public use, as criminals can hide under the cover to commit crimes.

Do you think these masks are really safe? You comments are welcome.

It’s not uncommon to see elderly women enjoying their swims in face masks.

The piece isn’t a luxury item, it costs roughly between 15 to 25 yuan (£1.70 to £2.80) and can be found at lots of shops along the shoreline.