Are The Aliens Really Coming For Us?

After reading this you will begin to think it’s funny that the aliens are coming for us when in fact, we should be scared.

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At first glance, it feels scary to know the aliens are coming but if you are not “fat”, it would be a great relief knowing also that the fat ones will be taken first. The others can enjoy a little more time before death comes.

But how does it matter if we all must die? Can’t help but keep laughing over this pun.

Thank good heavens, the notice came with an advice.

In order to survive the onslaught, we will all need to start saving ourselves now by losing weight. Nobody wants to die after all, not even in the hands of aliens.

Funny as it is, the advert caused some discomfort to an “anti-bullying campaigner” who saw the commercial offensive.

The campaigner said that, in 2016, “this sort of fat-shaming humor is offensive” so he ensured that the poster in Sawley, Derbys was removed.

Another representative  for a nearby Co-op food store also was among the members of the public who insisted that the poster be brought down. He said, “As soon as the poster on the side of our store in Tamworth Road was brought to our attention we requested the agency responsible to remove it.”

For the sake of the laughter brought by the poster, it would have been wise to commend the brain behind it. That was quality.

It’s rather funny that we live in a world where people are not encouraged to bring the best out of them.