Antonio Conte dreads a Mourinho Season with Chelsea

Antonio Conte has reportedly begged Chelsea management to bring in fresh legs before the end of this summer transfer window.

The Italian manager’s request was made out of fear that his team could suffer a dip in form after their 2016-17 English Premier League triumph.

Image: Antonio Conte

A report from The Telegraph confirms that Conte is set to make an official plea for new signings next week in order not to avoid being the third EPL champion to be axed from his job.

The former Juventus coach has already spent a total of  £130 million, but wants some quality players added to his stock before the 2017-18 football season kicks off.

Conte, 47, was expected back in England on Sunday morning.

His targets include: Alex Sandro, a left-back at Juventus; Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Arsenal star player; and Renato Sanchez, a midfielder who plays for German club side Bayern Munich.

Jose Mourinho and Claudio Ranieri were both relieved of their managerial duties a few months after winning the EPL trophies, and Conte says he won’t add up the list.

“We know the next season will be tough and we want to avoid what happened in the previous season for Chelsea, two years ago, when the team finished in 10th place in the Premier League,” he said.

“We want to try to avoid this. I want to try to avoid what happened two seasons ago.

“Two coaches have been sacked from Chelsea and Leicester after winning the league and I want to avoid this and the players want to avoid the bad season they had with Mourinho,” he added.

Image: Antonio Conte

“We are working very well and we hope to find the best solution in the future. We have a lot of young players and if necessary we will have to try to play these players.”

 Chelsea’s latest pre-season game against Inter Milan in Singapore ended in a 2-1 loss.

The club recently signed former Juve and Real Madrid player Alvaro Morata for a whooping £60 million.

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