Jose Mourinho blames match officials for Manchester United’s draw against Hull City, begs journalists to tell the truth

Jose Mourinho has given his verdict on the draw between Manchester United and Hull City after warning reporters that he won’t ever discuss issues with referees and their biased decisions.

The Portuguese coach spoke at a press conference after their 0-0 result from the disappointing Premier League game on Wednesday night.

Speaking to the press, Mourinho expressed his anger that United couldn’t find the net against Hull, but insisted his team were discriminated against.

However, the fearless and outspoken coach admits that the Tigers showed resilience against the Red Devils as if their lives were at stake. Mou says Hull was motivated not just by the passion to get a good result from United, but by the fact that they knew those crooked match officials were on their side.

The former Chelsea coach said: “I am not happy with the result, I will not criticize the opponent, they are fighting for their life and a point for them is a bonus. They have to fight with everything they have and they tried to see what they were allowed to do.

“If I was in their position fighting for their life, fighting for the points that could mean a lot for them in the end, then I am not critical with them at all,” he added.

Jose Mourinho

The 54-year-old tactician was asked about Hull’s Oumar Niasse, who football analysts believe should have seen a red card after he committed a second bookable offence.

He [Mourinho] insisted it won’t be wise to get involved with referees and their unfair decisions, having received severe punishments for his criticisms against the FA on different occasions.

In his words: “I don’t understand why you ask me this kind of question. If I was in your place then I would not ask the manager.”

The former Real Madrid coach then advised his interviewers to be smart with their questions.

“I would just say and write what I see, what I think, what is my opinion,” he said. ” If I was on your side I wouldn’t ask the Manchester United manager. Game after game, I would just write what is happening. Because if I speak, I am punished and I don’t want to be punished.”

Mou was also asked about United’s poor start in most of their recent games but the Special One said it happens in football. In his opinion, starting sluggishly and getting good results in the end is more important. However, he expressed grudges against the match officials once again.

“It was a very slow start but we had big chances, big saves and total control,” he started.

“In the first half the opponent started doing what they did even more in the second half, which the referee allowed. But I don’t want to speak about the referee and decisions.”

Jose Mourinho implored journalists to fight for him and the club against a discriminatory FA who seem to gain happiness when the giants fall.

The angry coach continued in his rants: “Maybe your industry is going in another direction, I don’t know, but for me journalism is to say the truth. Tell the truth, you simply have to tell the truth.

“If you go game after game with Manchester United and see what happened here with Manchester City, what happened here with Burnley, with West Ham, with Stoke and almost everywhere, then you do the job and it is a public service I think,” he urged the press.

“Tell the truth, it is as simple as that. If that is to say that Manchester United didn’t play well in the first half then so be it. We should have played better in the first half than we did, but tell the truth. Don’t ask me questions I can’t answer. 

“To end the story I want to be simple: it was 0-0, a great point for them, congratulations, a bad point for us, we have to keep going because we have another game at the weekend.”

Manchester United has retained their sixth position on the league table. The Red Devils will face their city rivals Manchester City tomorrow 4 February, 2017.