Another Gorilla Dies After He Was Drugged, To Be Transported For Sex.

It’s another sad news for animal lives as Bantu the gorilla has reportedly died after he was given a sedative last night by vets. The drug was intended to get him to sleep so he could be prepared for transportation to a different city in Mexico where he was expected to mate with two females.

This beloved gorilla died of heart attack, a report said.

The 24-year-old was given the sedative last night as vets prepared to transfer him to a different city in Mexico

Things got out of hand before the trip, as the 24-year-old gorilla suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest and passed away, officials said.

Animal vets around at the time of the incident made frantic efforts to resuscitate him but all failed, Mexico City’s environment department said in a statement, citing a preliminary autopsy.

Bantu, is said to be a major attraction at the capital’s Chapultepec zoo. Officials had scheduled to take him to a facility in Guadalajara, 340 miles away with the hope that he would chill out with expectant two female gorillas.

Around 20 vets and experts are believed to have been involved in the transportation efforts – which tragically ended in the gorilla’s death, AFP reports.

Tests are now under way to confirm the cause of Bantu’s passing – while employees at Chapultepec are said to be greatly distressed by the incident.

Bantu the gorilla has died of a heart attack after being sedated so he could be transported to another zoo

“This incident has caused great consternation among zoo personnel who cared for him for nearly 25 years,” said the environment department’s statement, adding that “international veterinary protocols had been followed in the incident.”

Following the tragic incident which was made public today, internet users have taken to social media to express their shock and sadness at Bantu’s death. One Instagram user said he had ‘no words’ to express the pain.

The man wrote: “Bantu, the beautiful 25 year old Gorilla (They live up to 40 years) from the zoo of Chapultepec in Mexico City, died from a Heart attack undertake effects of the anesthesia when they were trying to move him to a zoo in the city of Guadalajara.

“No words for this tragic loss…”

The tragedy comes less than two months after a gorilla was shot dead at Cincinnati Zoo after a young boy entered his enclosure (above)

The animal’s death comes less than two months after a gorilla was shot dead at Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio, US, after a three-year-old boy entered his enclosure.

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