Angry Josie Gibson says, “I’m Leaving the UK For Good”.

Luke Sanwo may not be a heart-breaker but he’s surely turning Josie Gibson’s life upside down with his decision not to fall in love with her after sharing some good times together.

Both are still friends but he has made up his mind about having no feelings for Josie.

The couple called it quits last April.

Josie, 31, has made unsuccessful efforts to reconcile with former fiancé Luke and she has confirmed that she’s been living a “very lonely” life after her split. So she has decided to leave the UK and move on.

The reality TV personality wants to get a new life somewhere outside UK, maybe with someone who would reciprocate her love. She hopes to make some new friends and find another reason to live.


Josie wants to stay away from a sorrowful life and she has a very good plan for the year.


She said: “I’m leaving the UK. I need sun in my life now, so I’m moving to Thailand and then Indonesia in November.

“Sadly”, she added, “It’s been a really tough winter. I feel very lonely. I split up with Luke last year, and I’ve not met anyone new and all my friends are settling down and having babies.”

“I tried. I said to him, ‘Let’s give it another go,’ but he said he can’t help it if he doesn’t love me.”

“If he met someone else, I’d be really upset. We’re still good friends and he comes round now and again.”

Josie Gibson

In her hearty confession, she added: “I have banged him a few times when I’ve been drunk. But we can’t get back together, because he doesn’t love me any more.”

“We’ve been messaging each other. We shared an experience together and it’s nice to chat to someone who’s been through that.

“I don’t think John ever really loved me. I think he loved me as a friend and he got it twisted and thought it was sexual love.”

Answering questions about her future, she revealed that she wants to continue developing her slimming website Slimmables.

“It’s an online business. So I can run it from anywhere in the world.

“I’ve had enough of the UK, I really have. I’m lonely, I don’t want to do online dating, one of my brothers lives up north and I don’t speak to my mum.

“I feel like there’s nothing keeping me here.”

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