Angelababy still in love with Huang Xiaoming


Power couple Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy have been plagued with divorce rumors as of late, with some attributing it to the Hong Kong actress’ supposed infidelity.

Both celebs usually do not comment on such rumors, although Angelababy was forced to refute speculation that she had split from the Chinese actor earlier this year.

Despite the denial, the bad press around the couple has continued to swirl. This has, however, been slowed down by the pair’s recent appearance at the Spectrum of the Seas naming event held in Shanghai. They rarely appear at the same event as they are busy with their respective work schedules, with some insiders sharing that they chose to do so in order to dispel rumors that their wedding is on the rocks.

What grabbed netizens’ attention the most was Xiaoming’s attentiveness towards his wife throughout the event. As she was wearing a gown with a long train, he made sure to help her hold the train while she was on the stairs, and even made an effort to arrange it artfully on the floor afterwards.

They were also all smiles at the event, with a video of the pair together going viral on Weibo.

Comments left by netizens were mostly supportive of the couple, with many stating that a feuding couple would never be able to act this way.