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Amber Rose And Terrence Ross Doing Bad Things In Public.

Amber Rose, 32, has been there done that. What action is there to save for behind closed doors? Why bother keeping sexual acts a secret when a lady is lucky and lovely enough to date ballers?

Terrence Ross and Amber Rose attend The Memorial Weekend Affair at Gold Room Wiz Khalifa may have given Terrence Ross a temporary permit on Amber as can be seen from pictures showing both love birds doing bad things in public.

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Terrence Ross is Amber’s new boyfriend.

The supermodel is so much in love that she loosened herself for the hunky athlete to lick her neck like a lollipop at a party. This attention-grabbing couple who seem to be birds of the same feather, attended the Memorial Weekend Affair in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday.

Drunk in love, the stars could hardly keep their hands off each other but Amber did more of the receiving than giving. Guess it’s hotter and better that way. She loves Terrence pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable in a civilized society.

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Amber’s partner-in-crime could be, just what she’s been missing all these years. Now that she found it, the media should better prepare.

As they partied in a room full of onlookers, Terrence had no problem squeezing Amber’s bums and pulling her close for a smooch.

The NBA star who loves grabbing bums, touching boobs and licking this awesomely blessed woman, plays for the Toronto Raptors. What a lucky man he is!

Terrence Ross and Amber Rose attend The Memorial Weekend Affair at Gold Room

Hope Terrence doesn’t get so addicted that bums become a source of inspiration before games.

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