Amber Heard Now Has A Restraining Order Against Johnny Depp.

It’s yet to proven if Johnny Depp was a wife-batterer as accused by Amber Heard who just got a restraining order against the famous actor. She’s accusing him of domestic violence.

Actress Amber Heard leaves the Superior Court of Los Angeles in Los Angeles,

Image: Amber Heard says she lives in fear that Depp will “terrorise me” as she submits photos of her bruised face to the court.

Though rumors have it that the couple’s divorce has long roots connecting to Depp’s mom who just passed away, a Los Angeles court judge ordered the actor on Friday “to stay 100 yards away from the actress”.

The court order also added that he is not permitted to contact her until a hearing on 17 June.

Amber Heard

There are images circulating online to prove that the 52-year-old actor dealt manly blows to her face in a rage. Not with his hand, however, but with an iPhone.

But looking at the lady’s face, one would think it was a mosquito bite. Pardon my mistake, there can’t be mosquitoes in Jonny Depp’s mansion.

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Reports say that Amber Heard and her lawyer Samantha Spector submitted the images to the Superior Court of California County of Los Angeles court on Friday 27 May.

“I live in fear that Johnny will return to (our house) unannounced to terrorize me, physically and emotionally,” was her statement in the filed court papers, Sky News reports.

The lady also accused Depp of paying her a visit sometime in April during which he attacked her. She said the actor arrived at her home after her birthday party, high and drunk and pushed her to the floor.

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After the incident, Heard stated that she did not see the Pirates of the Caribbean star until one month later.

The actress, who did not speak to reporters, broke down as she left the court.