Amber Davies: Dolly Parton warned me to stay away from men

Love Island beauty Amber Davies has never been short of male attention, but after landing her second West End lead role, even A-list suitors are wasting their time.

In fact, it was superstar Dolly Parton who first warned the 23-year-old to avoid men after she won her first major role in musical 9 To 5.

Amber Davies

Image: Amber Davies

The country icon, who wrote the music for the hit stage show, dished out the advice after inviting Amber to the US to meet her.

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Despite previously being linked to stars including Liam Payne, Amber insists the only male in her life is her Jack Russell poodle cross puppy Oreo and that she doesn’t bother to respond to the countless men who ­message her on social media.

Amber tells me: “I still love a party with my friends at heart, but I’ve realised it’s not my time for a man.

“I honestly don’t know what I’d do with one at the moment.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to pick up roles in the West End and I hope that’s going to be a platform for more acting, so my mentality has had to change.

“It was actually Dolly Parton who first gave me the advice.

“I always thought I’d be ­settling down by now, but I went out to meet her and she warned me to avoid the temptation of romance for now and focus on my career.

“She said, ‘Career first, men can wait for you’, and it turns out she was completely right.

“I’ve been able to get my first steps towards my dream and I’m determined than nothing will get in the way of that. The only man in my life now is my dog.”

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Amber is isolating with Oreo in the home she moved into in January. She has ditched fake tan, make-up and hair-styling in favour of a stripped-back look, which her mum “much prefers”.

And the addition of Oreo means she swapped nightclubs for nights in long before the coronavirus crisis took hold.

Rehearsals are on hold until the lockdown is over, but she will be taking a course in cheerleading. And she hopes her ­latest stint as a leading lady could lead to a future TV role.

She adds: “Being in 9 To 5 was amazing and I had two other leading ladies next to me — it was real girl power.

“This next step is a new challenge because I’m leading the show and eyes are going to be all on me. But it’s an empowering female-friendly show too.

“Years ago cheerleading was all about sexy women at the side of a football pitch. Now it’s a very respected sport — you need real strength and skill.”