Amazing pictures from Mount Huangshan

Listed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1990, China’s Huangshan mountain(s) is one of the most beautiful locations for travelers, adventurers, and fun-seekers.

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Also known as the Yellow Mountains, Huangshan has a spectacular natural scenery, beautified by uniquely-shaped rocks and pines as well as spooky seas of cloud. It is a home for quality brand tea-makers, Ancient Origins noted.

Mount Huangshan was named “the Yellow Mountains” after China’s legendary Yellow Emperor, Huang Di, who was born in the year 747 AD.

Historians say the legendary emperor lived at Huangshan, where he refined precious medicines and eventually obtained supernatural powers.

At sunrise or sunset, Huangshan presents amazing views that consolidate its reputation as a major tourist attraction in China. Visitors at the lovely mountainous areas enjoy taking dips in hot springs, hiking, and photography. The location boasts of many Buddhist temples.

Huangshan lies in Anhui Province, Eastern China (about 200 miles west of Hangzhou and 300 miles from Shanghai).

Xu Xiake, a renowned Chinese geologist who lived in the Ming Dynasty between 1368 and 1644 was quoted as saying: “No one needs to see other mountains after visiting ‘the Five Mountains,’ and you don’t need to see other four mountains after seeing Mount Huangshan.”

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