Amazing C. Ronaldo discovers a new way to relax

Georgina Rodriguez was right there on the stands during Real Madrid’s LaLiga match against Deportivo La Coruna, watching with popping eyeballs after a nasty injury got blood leaking profusely from his head.

The Portuguese international footballer got a First-Aid treatment, grabbed a mirror to assess the effect on his charming handsomeness, and continued with contributions which guaranteed Madrid’s 7-1 win.

Ronaldo, 32, scored a brace in that game but will never forget the scary moment with Fabian Schar, whose kick left him with a scar.

Georgina and Ronaldo’s mom, Dolores, were seen covering their faces in shock, having seen their pride covered in blood, but as always, he absorbed the moment of pain, knowing there was a better way to relax after victory.

And here’s how.

The 2018 World Best Player took a dip with his girlfriend Georgina and twins – Mateo and Eva, who were born to a surrogate mom.

Ronaldo gave no caption to the Twitter post except three hearts.

A picture says more words than we can ever imagine, but it’s clear that there’s no medicine more potent than family and true love.