All you need to know about the Manchester Arena Bomber, Salman Abedi

Salman Abedi was identified as a 23-year-old male of Libyan origin who killed 22 concertgoers and left dozens injured shortly after Ariana Grande’s performance in Manchester Arena.

12 out of the dead victims were under 16s.

The Sun's front page

Image shows a front-page publication from The Sun.

He was initially called the “guy with a suspicious package in Wigan” until his arrest.

A total of seven persons have been arrested in connection with the massacre as authorities race behind time to curb what could have been the worst attack in UK’s history.

Abedi is said to have lived very close to the bomb site in Manchester.

Police say the suspect had links to ISIS, the terror group which claimed responsibility for the Manchester Arena attack although, according to a report from the Guardian, ‘there’s no evidence to support this.’

The Jihadists are believed to have built Abedi’s bomb in a city center flat.

His apartment in Manchester was later raided by armed police officers wearing gas masks.

Salman Abedi, pictured at Didsbury mosque, was known ‘up to a point’ to the intelligence services, Home Secretary Amber Rudd said

Image shows Salman Abedi saying his prayers at a mosque in Didsbury.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said the bomber was not unknown the intelligence agencies. Three men were arrested on the same street where the nail bomb attacker lived.

BBC called Abedi a “mule” using a device built by someone else.

A police source told Manchester Evening news that Manchester told bomber may not be an important person among his fellow jihadists, contrary to speculations that he was the mastermind.

“They[ISIS] don’t waste bomb makers.” the unnamed source said.

“The reason we have gone to critical is because he is still out there and the fear is that he will strike again before they get caught.”

Helpers attend to people inside the Manchester Arena after a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device

Two of Salman Abedi’s brothers have been arrested in connection with the attack.

His 51-year-old father, who claims his son is innocent, has also been taken into custody in Libya, media reports confirm. Ramadan Abedi said his son was planning to go on a holy pilgrimage in Mecca.

“We don’t believe in killing innocents,” he told the Associated Press from Tripoli. “This is not us.”

Salman’s 50-year-old mum Samia Tabbal, and classmates who were his closest friends, contacted the authorities about their radicalized friend who always argued about suicide bombing being OK.

The suspect may have secretly received training in Syria during the times he visited his family in Libya.

While investigations continue, police say the bombing in Manchester Arena proves Libya has a link with Syria.

The 18-year-old at the Tripoli-based Special Deterrent anti-terrorism force unit after his arrest on Tuesday. Picture: Ahmed Bin Salman, Special Deterrent Force via AP

Image shows Ahmed Bin Salman, the bomber’s 18-year-old at the Tripoli-based Special Deterrent anti-terrorism force unit after his arrest on Tuesday.

The jihadist’s parents fled Libya in 1993 during Muammar al-Gaddafi’s reign after they were accused of lending a helping hand to Islamists. The family is believed to have close links to ISIS, too.

Jomana, an 18-year-old sister to the mass murderer, claims her brother wanted “revenge” against America for the innocent children killed in the Middle East.

Salman was “kind” and “loving,” she said, adding that she thought, “He saw children — Muslim children — dying everywhere, and wanted revenge.

“He saw the explosives America drops on children in Syria, and he wanted revenge.

“Whether he got that is between him and God.”

A report from The Sun says Salman was a very outgoing football fan who showed support to Manchester United. His behavior, however, changed in recent years after he frequented Libya to see his family.

“He loved booze, women and drugs,” one of his friends told reporters.

Ramadan Abedi, father of Manchester Arena suicide bomber Salman.

Image shows Ramadan Abedi, father to the Manchester Arena bomber.

Ramadan said he and his family are in no way linked to any militant group such as ISIS, al-Qaeda, or its equally dreadful offspring, the Libya Islamic Fighting Group.

“This is nonsense,” he said, stressing that all Muslims were made suspects during Gaddafi’s dictatorship.

“Anyone who went to a mosque raised question marks,” he added.

Ramadan’s family returned to Libya after the dictator’s death.

Salman was killed when he detonated an improvised explosive device in the foyer of Manchester Arena at the end of an Ariana Grande concert.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull condemned the attack, saying it was aimed at killing mostly young people and children. 22 people, mainly children, died in the attack which injured 119.

“This attack was designed to kill children. What could be more vile, more reprehensible, more criminal than this crime,” Mr Turbull said.

“It was committed by a coward. And brave men and women, Australians and Britons alike, will not be cowered by terrorism wherever it occurs.

“We will not change our way of life and we will continue to fight together as the (British) Prime Minister and I reaffirmed last night, to defeat this scourge of terrorism in our homes and around the world.”

Abedi was reportedly born in December, 1995.

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