Ageless Love at Work (46 v 34).

Zhang Lun Shuo is a Chinese actor, model and singer born on 9 July, 1982. Due to his Caucasian features, he was often mistaken as an Eurasian model. On a variety show "Happy Camp" aired on 10/20/2012, he verified he is 100% Han Chinese.

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He was a contestant among the selected 30 candidates for Mister International 2008, the competition’s 3rd edition held in Tainan, Taiwan on November 24, 2008.

Among the top 15 finalists that were selected, Zhang won the 2nd Runner-up.

The 34-year-old star is pictured kissing his love, Christy Chung, 46.

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  1. I agree love isn’t about the numbers, it’s the heart that matters. Some young people can love better.

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