After Jihad: Through the eyes of ISIS First Lady

A lot of books have been written about ISIS and the Jihad but this breath-taking documentary from The Atlantic, based on Graeme Wood’s original reporting, will certainly touch your soul.


The story is about Tania Georgelas, who lived in Syria a few years ago. She was married to John Georgelas, a man she never believed would become a dreaded maverick.

Although John was an American, he rose through ISIS ranks to become a top member of the terrorist organization.

While married to radical John, and fully aware of his influential position among the jihadists, Tania traveled round the world with him. Both of them got acquainted with other members of the religious sect while brainwashing their children and transforming them into assassins.

Ten years passed in the adventure, and Tania developed fear for her life and children, then she thought of leaving her husband for safety reasons.

At this point, the man abandoned her to become the sect’s next “Osama bin Laden.”

This documentary from The Atlantic is reportedly based on a former extremist, who luckily escaped death and returned to the United States of America, where she told her life story to Graeme Wood.

Tania has built a new life for her family in Plano, Texas but still has indelible memories of her time as a jihadist.

“I told the little ones, ‘Your dad joined the dark side of the force,'” Tania reveals in the film.

“I told them, ‘Mommy was part of the dark side of the force, but now I’m a dark Jedi.'”

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