Afrocandy breaks the internet with her masturbation pictures

Famous Nollywood star Afro Candy [real names Judith Chichi Opara Mazagwu] is breaking the internet with her recently published solo sex picture.

The soft-porn actress and producer released a bathroom picture of herself in a compromising position.

In the picture, Afro Candy can be seen covering her nipples with an arm while her fingers seem to have disappeared between her legs. It was a “thank you” selfie for her numerous male followers.

The picture was captioned with this message: “Took this picture I went and got my hair done its a Shower time in a raw mood…. They gonna say I’m posting n*de again? I’m I n*ked? Haters watch your mouth Afrocanetwork my site got this picture 😜😜😜😂😂💅💅too.”

Popularly known by her stage name, Afrocandy, the singer and model never gets tired of dishing out hot and supersexy pictures for her fans.

Judith is the founder and CEO of Invisible Twins Productions LLC.

In her recent Instagram post, the soft-porn star shared some sizzling bedroom pictures, treating her fans to what she calls “eye candy”. Not masturbation.

She also has a word for those who think her skin isn’t good-looking.