Ada Ameh’s death suspicious

A former Benue State Governorship aspirant, Dr Roseline Ada Chenge has called for autopsy for late Nollywood actress, Ada Ameh.

Meziesblog reported earlier that Ameh slumped and died on Sunday in Warri, Delta State.

The actress had earlier shared a video of herself eating with her host family before the news of her death.

Chenge in her reaction said she was shocked at the news of Ameh’s sudden death, adding that she spoke with her hours before her death.

The former governorship aspirant stated this in a video shared on her Facebook page Monday evening.

Chenge said, “Good day Nigerians, with pain in my heart and deep sorrow, I am here this afternoon to ask questions. I have been trying to call online to ask these same questions but nobody is picking my call. And I need to call and ask Nigerians and also ask Nollywood.

“I am Egnr. Ada Chenge, I am Benue by origin. I am Idoma. I woke up this morning to see on social media that my sister, whom we call the TV goddess in Idoma land, collapsed and died. I am so shocked, so shocked that my brain is not able to calculate it.

“Precisely about 5:15pm yesterday (Sunday), 17th of July, 2022, I put a call across to Ada. Because I came to Lagos from Benue and I am staying in Lagos in my house. I called her at about 5:15pm and she picked the call and said ‘aunty, your Excellency, how are you?’. And I said I want to see you, I am in Lagos. And she was like ‘oh aunty, I am in Warri’. And I said what are you doing in Warri? And she said ‘aunty we went for the burial of the parent of one of my friends. We are hanging around, we are doing one or two things there.’ And I said okay when you return I want to see you because Idoma land needs you right now for a very special mission. And she said ‘okay aunty, I will be in Lagos tomorrow morning because I am shooting throughout this week in Lagos’.

“I spoke with her myself, she was in high spirits, she was in a high mood. There was no depression or mental issue. Yes, she was going through a lot after her daughter died. But if you checked her Instagram page on Saturday when she left for Warri, you can see the mood that she was. And in the afternoon, I saw another caption online that she slumped when she was eating about 12:53.

“No, that is not true. Because I spoke with her for close to about 10 minutes. I spoke with her yesterday about 5:16. So, that was after she ate that meal. So there was some problem. There is a missing link. What’s going on? I am hearing she went to Warri, she was treating herself, she went to Warri she was staying… I don’t understand. She told me precisely ‘aunty I will be back on Monday. Her Excellency, when I come on Monday, I may not be able to see you because of Lagos traffic. Just send me the address, I will be with you on Tuesday’.

“You can imagine how my brian is going; that I spoke with her 5:15pm and she died this morning. Yes, people die like that. But Ada Ameh is such a star that she cannot just disappear from planet earth without us knowing the real reason.

“Since morning, I have called her line like 20 to 50 times. I sent a text that I am Engr. Ada Chenge from Idoma that we heard something about you. Any that is with her phone can you call me? Are you in touch with her people in Otukpo? Are you in touch with the people in Lagos as to Nollywood? But no reply.”

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