Actress lost Passport and Cash after Airline forced her to check in Luggage

A Hollywood star Erin Marie Hogan says she has reported a case of “theft” and some “inhumane behaviors” from an airline staff after being forced to check in her carry-on bag during a flight. Regrettably, the American horror actress lost cash and passport after the plane landed.

Image: Erin Marie Hogan

Erin, 35, claims she had a terrible flight with United Airlines, a mistake she may never make again in her life.

In her Twitter feed, the actress from St. Louis, Missouri, explained that her troubles started when the airline staff forced her to check in a bag that contained some medications for anxiety and back pain.

As if denying her “right to life” wasn’t enough, Erin said she faced the odds as a passenger during the flight, on a plane reeked of a strong unpleasant odor. And the actress stayed hungry throughout the flight duration because she was allergic to all available foods.

However, the worst case scenario played out when the plane landed. She discovered her passport and cash was missing.

“I was forced by the gate attendant to check my bag which was originally supposed to be a carry on, with my passport, I.D, cash, and medications inside of it,” she wrote on Twitter.

“When I arrived in Newark I retrieved my bag and my passport, driver’s license and cash were missing.

Erin Marie Hogan filled out a police report on the incident.

“I went to baggage services crying and the employee in the photo told me ‘you must be out of your mind’. This was after I informed her I had been separated from my anxiety medication…”

The case is currently under investigation by police and United Airlines.

The actress-model is also active in mental health awareness and volunteers with homeless animals on a consistent basis. She is best known for her role as Samantha Finley in Paranormal Entity.

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  1. Thank you SO much for posting this! I didn’t even know until just today. It really means a lot to have these things out there. Maybe United will get their act together if we keep talking publicly about the problems.