AC Milan star Keisuke Honda dissects the club’s problem

Keisuke Honda, the Japan international footballer who plays for Italian club side AC Milan, has revealed that he feels unbearable pain when the team is losing.

Image shows Honda Keisuke in action for AC Milan.

The famous midfielder admits there’s a sense of abandonment within him as he sits on the sidelines watching ACM lose matches. 

Honda is accusing the highly demanding Rossoneri fans of having an obsession with results. He says this behavior takes away passion from sport.

After training with his country’s national team The Blue Samurai on Tuesday, the Japan international  told the press: “In Milan, I think there’s far too much of it. What’s really wrong in Milan is that when you’re down during a game, they just completely abandon you. I feel absolutely no love. But as soon as you start winning, they treat you like family.

“So what’s it about to them, just numbers and winning or losing? I think it’s part of the reason not only Milan but the Italian national side, too, is in the situation they’re in. They’ve been obsessed with only results and that approach might work if you have the talent and can cope with the pressure.

“But if you don’t and you’re trying to break ground, that kind of attitude won’t cut it. If that’s the attitude, then all you’re doing is waiting for the next (Paolo) Maldini or (Gennaro) Gattuso to arrive. If you’re trying to turn a corner working with what you’ve got, you can’t simply push the team away and berate the players.

“There’s no comparing the atmosphere at the stadiums in Japan and Italy; it’s night and day. The fans here are kind, and the ground isn’t filled from top to bottom with people who are absolutely dying to watch football. Many of them support the flag, the way people do for the Olympics.

“So for fans like them, it could be rugby or volleyball that they watch. What’s important to them is that Japan wins, that their team plays hard.

“So when I play in Japan, I feel like I’m playing for my country more than I am for a football side.”

Image: Honda Keisuke

Honda joined his countrymen in preparations for their upcoming 2018 World Cup qualifiers against Iraq in Saitama on Thursday. The Blue Samurai will battle Australia in Melbourne next week.

While the 30-year-old player is finding it hard to break into AC Milan’s first team under head coach Vincenzo Montella, he has played only in two Serie A matches “as a sub” since the start of 2016/17 season.

The Red And Blacks last won their Serie A title in the 2011/12 campaign, with another Supercoppa Italia added to their list of trophies in 2011.