A Kangaroo Caught Mating With A Pig.

Are strange occurrences reminding Christians that the end-time is near?

It remains a mystery why a pig and a kangaroo would engage in such a rude act as both animals were caught red-handed having sex in northern Australia.

A kangaroo mates with a pig while the geese observed.

During the shocking mating witnessed by tourists passing by, the animals showed lack of concern even as the owner, Greg Dick laughed it off.

He called it a “love at first sight” romance which has been a recurring event for both animals.

In his explanations to the surprised tourists, Greg confessed that both animals can’t do without each other. They’ve been having sex since he introduced them a year ago at the Aileron Roadhouse in the Northern Territory.

A number of tourists have seen the kangaroo, named “F**k It”, mounting the pig, Apples, and have expressed their shock to the owner. 

Dick told NT News that when he tried to separate them, the kangaroo nearly tore the fence down.

Dick said: “Tourists often come and say the pig and kangaroo, they were doing rude things.”

However, he also admitted that F**k It is unfaithful to Apples and will “try to [get on to] anything”. The kangaroo is said to be hyperactive, strong and energetic. But also sexually insatiable.

Ryan Frazer was one of many tourists shocked by the sight of the pair mating and images taken by him have now gained international attention.

Frazer said: “We were a bit stunned, I was with my boss and it was a bit awkward. They were nudging each other and then he mounted her. Then when the pig mounted the kangaroo… I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The tourist added that there were also two geese in the paddock who were “just having a bit of a look”, which made the situation even more bizarre.

He added: “[One of my colleagues] was visiting from North America, it was definitely a memory he’ll take with him, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.”

However, experts have said that the behavior of the kangaroo might not have been that strange. Mark Eldridge, principal research scientist at the Australian Museum, said that he was aware of a wallaby that had repeatedly attempted to mate with rabbits it was locked in a cage with.

Eldridge told the BBC: “Hand-raised kangaroos or kangaroos that are habituated to people and other animals can display atypical behaviors  I know other cases where hand-raised kangaroos and wallabies… don’t think of themselves as kangaroos anymore and see other animals as potential sexual partners.”

Owner Dick has now said that he is planning on taking some photos and turning them into postcards for tourists.

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