A Heroic 10-Year-Old Girl Died Saving 2 Toddlers


A YOUNG girl courageously sacrificed herself in order to save two toddlers from a fatal car crash.

Brave 10-year-old Kiera Larsen was hit by a Mercedes-Benz that backed out from the driveway of a house in Los Coches Road, California.

She sacrificed her own life to push one-year-old Adison Jenkins and two-year-old Emma Jenkins out of the way of the rolling car. 


Since the accident, Alissa Jenkins, mum of the two rescued girls, has referred to Kiera as their “big sister”.

She said: “She saved both my daughters’ lives. She is truly a hero. She will forever be my kids’ guardian angel.

‘These are my two kids that I have and both of them could’ve been gone in an instant and she stepped in and took over and did what she knows best to do – and that’s to protect those around her.”