3some: A Couple And Their Female Lover Reveal What Happens


THREESOMES used to be seen as kinky – now they are becoming the sexual norm in the UK and other parts of the world.

A recent survey revealed one in five adults in Wales have enjoyed a threesome, compared with 14 per cent of English couples, eight per cent of Scots and only five per cent of couples in Northern Ireland.

According to a Sun sex survey, over a million Brits had a threesome last year – partly because they are much easier to arrange online.

Another survey by the University of Essex revealed that 82 per cent of women are aroused by other women.

So why has having threesome’s become so popular? Is it because online porn is more accessible? Or is the United Kingdom as a nation becoming much more sexually liberated and willing to try new sexual adventures?

Diana Appleyard spoke to two women and a man from Cardiff who regularly enjoy a threesome – and they reveal all in intimate detail. 

Kashia Wilkinson (Receptionist).

Kashia Wilkinson, 28, is single, lives near Cardiff and works as a casino receptionist.

She says: “I started having a threesome about a year-and-a-half ago with Layla and Dan, and we love it so much we are all going on holiday to Spain together this summer as a threesome.

“We have sex together once or twice a month, and it is something we all look forward to a lot.

“Layla and Dan are in a non-­exclusive relationship, and I have been a friend of Dan’s for years.

“It first started when we were all on a night out at a club in Cardiff. I spotted Dan and came over to have a chat, and he introduced me to Layla.


“I’d never had sex with a woman before, but I found myself becoming sexually attracted to her, which was new for me.

“She’s quite flirty, and she was making a lot of sexy eye contact with me. We all had quite a few drinks, and Dan suggested we go back to my house, which was nearest, to continue the party.

“We cracked open a bottle of bubbly, all got quite giggly and Layla told me that she fancied me. Before I knew what was happening we were all in my bed.

“I wasn’t embarrassed because I’d had a few drinks, and to my amazement it all felt very natural.

“Dan was the ringmaster, if you like – he was making suggestions and was much more happy to sit back and watch Layla and I kissing and touching each other, I know he found that a real turn-on.

“Then he made love to both of us, while we carried on kissing and touching. I was so surprised at how erotic the threesome was, the combination of slightly rougher male love­making and the gentle and experienced touch of a woman – only a woman knows what another woman really likes!


“We ended up making love most of the night, and woke the next morning in a tangle of sheets.

“I thought it would be a one­off, but then Layla got in touch with me, and we started meeting for drinks and nights out.

“Soon it became clear to all of us that this was a fun event we wanted to repeat regularly. We don’t meet up specifically to have sex, but nearly every time we end up in bed.

“I haven’t had sex with another woman but Layla, and I can’t see myself having a threesome with anyone but the two of them.

“It creates a very special bond – it’s hard to explain.

“You have to really trust each other, because someone could get hurt as you are revealing all and making yourself vulnerable.

“I don’t get jealous of Dan and Layla because they are both such good friends – Layla and I go out shopping together and enjoy ‘girly’ times.

“For the three of us, it’s such good fun and adds such an exciting new dimension to my sex life. I never knew I could fancy a woman and I would still describe myself as straight, but being in bed with Layla and Dan is wild.

“As and when I meet a new partner it will have to end though, because it is cheating in a way.

“I don’t feel any guilt at the moment because I am single and no-one is getting hurt – in fact Dan and Layla say it makes their relationship stronger.”

Layla Edwardson

She has two children aged four and six from a previous relationship.

Layla says: “I’d been in a relationship with Dan for a few months when we met Kashia, who he has known for years.

“My sex life with Dan was fantastic – he’s a good-looking guy and very muscular and energetic.

“We had an adventurous sex life, and I’ve had sex with women before. I would describe myself as mostly straight but a bit bisexual.

“When I saw Kashia I thought, ‘Wow, she is so attractive’, and I found myself fancying her. She was a little bit shy at first, but once we’d all had a few drinks I got the impression she might be up for a threesome.

“I’ve also experimented with threesome’s before since I was 18, and I love them.

“I don’t see it as cheating in any way, it’s just adding spice to your sex life.

“We all went back to Kashia’s and soon we were making love, it was fabulous. It was clear Dan was getting off on watching us, and for most of the time we kept our sexy lingerie on, which made us all aroused.

“There was no embarrassment – I’m sexually pretty liberated, as are Dan and Kashia. With Kashia I could take my time to turn her on, and then Dan would join in with more vigorous penetrative sex.

“We all had such a good time it’s become a regular event for the three of us, about every couple of weeks we will meet up at one of our houses – often Kashia’s.

“I know people will find this hard to understand but it feels totally natural – I love both Dan and Kashia.

“Dan is my boyfriend but we’re always open to new sexual ideas, and Kashia is my girlfriend, whom I also really fancy.


“Kashia and I both love fashion and we go out shopping together – lingerie is a big passion, and we enjoy buying it even more because we know we can use it to make our sessions even more erotic.

“For Dan, this is every man’s fantasy to have two gorgeous women in bed. This dynamic works so well for us and I can honestly say no one gets jealous.

“But it would feel weird to introduce someone else into the equation – I can’t imagine us having group sex.

“This is something very intimate and special between the three of us.”

Dan Gregory

Dan Gregory, 35, lives in Cardiff and runs a beauty salon.

He says: “I think of myself as a very lucky man. I have a beautiful sexy girlfriend in Layla – and I have Kashia as my ‘friend with benefits’.

“I’ve always fancied her but we had never had sex until I got together with Layla and we began having threesome’s.

“The girls would say I direct the threesome’s, but actually I think it is a joint effort – there is never any reluctance on their part.

“It usually begins when the girls start kissing, and I get really turned on. Then they strip down to their gorgeous lingerie, we hit the bedroom and all bets are off.

“I enjoy watching the two of them as much as I enjoy taking part, and I am the one who will sit back and take it all in.

“Occasionally we’ll use sex toys, but most of the time we don’t need them, as there is plenty going on!

“Sometimes I have to pinch myself because they are both such beautiful girls and I can’t quite believe this is happening.

“We all have a laugh too – it’s isn’t a very serious, sober affair. We’ll roll around and make each other laugh.

“As well as the fabulous sex we genuinely enjoy each other’s company and we are very supportive of each other.

“Kashia is single, and if she gets a boyfriend we will be happy for her – although I hope it doesn’t mean the end of our fun times together as a threesome.

“I’ve had threesome’s before this – with Tinder and dating apps it’s so easy to meet people and arrange things.

“Few people bat an eyelid if you suggest a threesome. The girls have become great mates and for me there is no jealousy, I’m just happy for this to work and continue.

“It is, as a I say, the most fantastic deal. I don’t tend to brag about it though to my mates – some of my friends know however and think I’m a very fortunate guy.

“There’s no way I am forcing the girls into this – they have as good, if not better, a time as I am having and there are no strings attached.”

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