7 Essential SEO metrics to measure your blog’s success

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As a blog or site owner, you’d like to ensure it is successful.
But what metrics should you pay attention to? Check this list to learn how identify your blog’s merit.
7 Metrics to Measure Your Blog’s Success
1. Overall blog visits
Most of content marketers use this metric to tell if a blog is developing. We also advise to pay attention to this metric. Yet, use it in combination with other data.
2. Time on page
This way, if you have lots of visitor but they stay four seconds on your site – it’s not good. Compare your article’s reading time with how long a user stays on page. Then you’ll know how involved your audience is.
3. Pages/Sessions
That’s another metric that tells about readers’ involvement. It’s great when users continue with other pages on your site after checking an article they first landed on.
4. The most viewed posts
If you track your site’s data regularly, you know what posts are the most popular ones. They will give you an idea about what content types, posts length, and tone of voice to use to make your blog even more popular.
5. The number of comments
Another metric that tells about users’ involvement. Comments show that your readers are genuinely interested in the topics you cover and find your articles helpful.
6. The number of social shares
Once again, if people share your content they find it valuable and interesting. Also, you can learn what social networks work better for you to continue with a further promotion of your content.
7. Conversion rate
Conversions normally count as visit > lead > customer. Basically, you’d like to learn how many site visitors become your buyers. It’s hard to state the iconic conversion rate. It normally ranges from 4% to 8%.
These are the main metrics you should pay attention to (get more details about each metric in our article). Yet, you have to understand you can add more depending on your industry or content you use.
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