50 Cent: It’s A Family Affair

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Sad to know that the ‘Get Rich or Die Trying” rapper cum actor is beefing with his baby mama and son, Marquise Jackson. Recently he tried to make amends but ended up making things worse.

50 Cent Reaches Out Son Marquise Instagram

For some years, both son and dad had avoided each other like plague due to irreconcilable differences between 50 Cent and his baby mama, Shaniqua Tompkins. The rapper reached out to his son on Instagram leaving a comment under a video posted by Marquise.

He wrote: “You will be 20 in a few months I’m happy to see you in good spirits. You be strong out there on your own boy. You are a grown man now”. 

On noticing his father’s comment, Marquise replied: “Didn’t think you knew how old I was u missed a few birthdays. I’m happy to see you have kind words to say to me this time”.

Some broken hearts never mend, you would say. Shaniqua Tompkins found out above the Instagram communication between 50 Cent and Marquise. Then she added some kind words of advice:

“Miserable, unstable, bum ass n***a! You’re so miserable! Go pick on them boys who put that hot led up in your a**! Oh! I forgot you like to pick on women and children”.

“Them boys in Brooklyn did you dirrty!! Go beat up your other baby mother, oh you did that already and you’re on 3 years probation. Go make sure [your] son’s motor skills are correct. Can he talk???”

Shaniqua Tompkins To 50 Cent: “You Like To Pick On Women And Children"