5 Reasons marriages fail today

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The main reasons why relationships fail are loss of trust, poor communication, lack of respect, a difference in priorities, and little intimacy.

This article discusses why each may cause a relationship to come to an end.

1. Issues involving body image/ Aging

People stop chasing their partners after getting married or getting committed in a relationship. 

The ‘chasing’ or the ‘honeymoon’ period is pretty brief, and as time progresses, it becomes easy to take each other for granted.

Often this lackadaisical approach leads you to neglect how you look and carry yourself. By no means do we endorse physical appearance as a parameter to be loved.

But, unfortunately, there are times when people start missing the older, appealing version of their partners and look for easy replacements instead. 

2. Lack of respect and appreciation

Sometimes partners feel that they are not respected and appreciated enough in the relationship, which ultimately fuels marital discord.

In turn, the disgruntled partners often try to fill the void by seeking solace in some other person’s company. And, in no time, they might crossover the boundaries of healthy friendship and resort to infidelity. 

So, never miss out on these two ingredients- respect and appreciation, if you wish to see your relationship going a long way. 

3. Unfulfilled sexual desires

Unfulfilled sexual desire is one of the glaring causes of infidelity. 

 As per a study published in The Normal Bar, 52% of people who were dissatisfied with their sex lives are more likely to give in to the outside attraction as compared to only 17% of those who were sexually satisfied in their primary relationships. 

It implies that people who do not have a fulfilling sex life are three times as likely to cheat on their partners as compared to those with pleasurable intimacy levels. 

Also, there are people who claim that ‘My sex drive is too high to be handled by one person.’ Of course, by no means is this a legitimate reason for cheating your partner.

But in the same study as mentioned above, 46% of men and 19% of women cited it as a reason for their affair.

So, if you find yourself grappling with issues in your sex life, it would be best if you could try considering sex therapy instead of opting for infidelity.

4. When a partner wants to sabotage a relationship

Cheating in a relationship also occurs when a partner is not just happy in a relationship but also wants to sabotage it before breaking up.

This could be a sheer case of vengeance when a partner, for some reason, wishes to inflict pain on the other before leaving.

At the same time, it’s also possible that the person resorting to cheating in a relationship wants to end it but wanting the other person to initiate. In such cases, the cheating partner wants to get caught and expects the other partner to break up with them.

5. Falling out of love with your partner

You may call it falling out of love with your partner or falling in love with someone else.

Although you might find this reason to be insignificant to cause infidelity, this is one of the reasons why people cheat.

Often, you might not be able to fathom the real reason behind falling out of love. However, there have been instances wherein people happen to grow apart and fall out of love.

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