5 Old Ladies Driving On The Highway At 22mph Were Pulled Over By A Cop, Their Reason Wasn’t Funny.

Driving on the highway doesn’t require only courage and the necessary skills, every qualified driver has to abide by the traffic rules for safety reasons. Talking about keeping the roads safe reminds us of the fact that slow drivers are as dangerous as the ones who drive at a neck-breaking speed.

One eagle-eyed cop spotted a group of five women in a sedan, “driving dangerously” at around 22mph on the highway. His radar gun calculated their speed at exactly 22 miles per hour.

The vigilant police officer thought it strange so he pulled them over for a routine check. What he found wasn’t funny.

There were three women in the back with two sitting in front but that wasn’t a problem. The officer wanted to know why they were riding as if all occupants of the vehicle had fallen asleep.

On the contrary, they were far from falling asleep.The driver’s eyes were wide open and she was holding on tight to the steering. Real tight.

“Officer, I don’t understand. I was going exactly the speed limit!” The surprised driver told traffic police.


At that moment, the policeman tried explaining how dangerous it is to drive at a very low speed on the highway.

The aged woman got more confused – first, for pulling her over while she was driving exactly within the allowed speed limit, and second, for advising her on the dangers of slow driving when the road sign shows she’s right.

“Road?” “Sign?” The police asked.

That was when the officer realized there was a mistake somewhere. Pointing at the nearby road sign, he said: “That’s route 22! Not 22 miles per hour!”

Relieved! The driver said: “Thanks a lot, officer. I’ll look more closely next time.”

Just before he let them get back on the road, the policeman looked inside and noticed all of the passengers was either shivering.or sweating profusely. So he asked: “Ma’am is everyone in this car alright?

“They look quite shaken and haven’t spoken a word,” he said.

She just smiled and said, “Oh they’ll be alright. We just got off of route 119.”

04-old-lady-driving-in car

Thank God they met the officer before hitting Interstate 455 that was just 2 minutes ahead.

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