4-year-old girl dies from shock after sighting serial rapist who threatened to cut and feed her to cats

Khadija Adam Muhammad fondly called Siyama, a little girl aged 4 years old was raped in the city of Kano by a mature man of 40 years. He usually takes her to a nearby shop, gives her sweets and biscuits, and then proceeds to penetrate and defile this innocent child.

On this fateful day, she was peeing and crying profusely so her mother had to examine her immediately while wondering what was wrong. To her greatest surprise and horror, she noticed that Siyama, her little girl, was bleeding from her genital area. 

She quickly took her to the room and tried persuading her gently to learn about what happened to her. After much encouragement, Siyama finally spoke up with tears in eyes and told her mother that he was forcing her “but he said he will cut me into slices and give me to his cat to eat me up if I tell anyone”, she said.

Her father was so furious when he learned about what happened, and instead of taking matters into his own hands he quickly reported it to the police station and they picked up the man for questioning. Siyama was called to identify him before the arrest was concluded but immediately she sighted him, she started trembling and physically shaking out of trauma. The suspect was taken away, but the little girl kept shaking and she was eventually rushed to the hospital where she sadly passed on. 



Siyama died out of the fear and trauma inflicted by an abuser inflicted by an abuser who may walk free because of our justice system. Her family deserves justice and closure. Something must be done so that other girls and boys can be saved from the predatory grip of child molesters. 

Sign this petition to join MEZIESBLOG’s call on FIDA, the Kano State Commissioner of Women Affairs, Kano State Commissioner of Police, the National Human Rights Commission and other concerned bodies to deliver justice for Siyama.

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