4 members of ‘Grand Theft Auto Gang’ shot dead during exchange of gunfire at a Russian Court

Russian news outlets reported on Tuesday that at least four persons were shot dead at a court trial in Moscow.

The dead persons who are said to be members of a group popularly known as “Grand Theft Auto,” allegedly tried grabbing firearms from court security officials as they were led to the stands for trials.

Image shows Moscow Regional Court where the gang members were killed.

“Five defendants were in a lift in the Moscow regional court building when they tried to seize the weapons from the officers escorting them,” Tatyana Petrova, a spokeswoman for Moscow region police, said in a nationwide broadcast.

A total of 11 members of the gang were accused of murdering over a dozen motorists.

The prisoners are accused of placing spikes on the road to force drivers out of their cars before shooting them at point blank.

The name Grand Theft Auto was copied from a popular video game which promotes gangsterism, explicit language, crime and violence.

Their intention for attacking court security personnel was to seize guns and take hostages within the building. About 20 shots were fired.

Two of the defendants were wounded as they tried to escape from custody.


A report from Moscow region’s health ministry confirms that two survivors, a 45-year-old man and another 40-year-old woman, were rushed to a hospital for emergency treatments following an exchange of gunfire at the regional court.

A court official and guard were among those who sustained injuries, Russian news outlets quote a lawyer who was present in court.

The accused inmates were charged with 17 murders and two attempted murders, reports confirm.