2023: Why Wike won’t work with Atiku

Nyesom Wike


Nyesom Wike will never work for Atiku Abubakar. The three governors he thinks are under his control might leave him, but Wike himself will not work for Atiku as his conditions can’t be met by any presidential candidate. Begging him any further is just a waste of time and an effort to present him as a very big masquerade which he may not be. The North will teach him a lesson bigger than the one they taught him during the primary election.

He stood against the South East thinking the ticket would go his way. He’s now crying foul. He lost primary election just like others, but he chose to personalise the struggle as if it’s Omuwike (Umunwike) family association by-election.

Wike was part of why that ticket was thrown open. He first made it public that he’s not an Igbo man. That declaration was for the North not to see him in the eye of an Igbo man. When the cloud left his sight, he resorted to composing songs in Igbo language. There’s no doubt about it that he will be supporting Peter Obi. But in clear terms, it’s not a willful support.

He just wants to hide under where it seems the masses are and enjoy fanfare while he continues to churn out gibberish. Was it not the same Peter Obi he went to Anambra State under the guidance of Chris Uba and insulted with derogatory remarks? What changed in a matter of three months? Rivers people’s money is the thing servicing the political gibberish and braggadoccio.

Atiku Abubakarand Nyesom Wike

He announced that he would not be open to vice presidential nomination. Later, he desired it after calling Atiku names. It shows he’s not what he claims to be. This was the man who removed his brother, Secondus and thought he himself would win. God doesn’t work that way.

Atiku should forego him and move on. Electoral act will humble him. Continuing to pamper him is akin to extending the evil days. Greater population of Rivers people say he is a good Governor on the media alone. He’s starving the Rivers people and very high handed. Coming to national television channels to behave like an SUG president is enough reason to forget about him and establish marching forces there and face him squarely. He’s not a sole administrator in Rivers, hence the need to tell him whom he is to his face. PDP made him, not him making the PDP.

When Peter Obi saw it that the likes of Wike wouldn’t allow a seamless process, he left for another unknown political party and has today transformed it to a beautiful bride. If Wike is truly the big horse he takes himself for, he should have left like Obi so Nigerians know how powerful and loved he is, not making noise every day as if he was born before Nigeria itself.