19-year-old woman facing jail time for wedding boy, 13, and having his child

A 19-year-old woman who fell in love with a boy, 13, is facing jail threats for sex with a minor. She allegedly got married to the teenager after eloping with him to an unknown destination where both had a baby.

Zabar K and Bilana B, Russian gypsies

Image shows Zabar and his beloved wife Bilana.

Zabar K. [the baby father] says he is responsible for snatching [ Bilana B.] his older wife, from her parents’ home in Stavropol, south-west Russia.

Reports refer to both young parents as “gypsies”, and The Daily Star says such relationships are normal in their culture.

However, Russia police described the marriage as an offence in the country’s law.

For having sex with a child under the age of 14, police say Bilana could face charges and a potential jail sentence of three to 10 years.

Zabar admits he’s the one who initiated their relationship after getting the 19-year-old’s phone number from a relative. He proceeded with constant chats on social media until they scheduled a date.

He said: “We were talking on the phone for less than two weeks, then I came to her place by car and she left with me.”

Surprisingly, after the lovebirds hatched a plan to elope for their secret marriage, Zabar persuaded his grandparents to go pick them up since he could not drive on the road considering his age. The lovebirds have lived with Zabar’s grandparents in a remote village ever since, until they were busted.

According to the report, the lover boy and Bilal have a son Yuri, who was named after Zabar’s father.

The young father says their affair isn’t against the law, claiming it was in fact, formalised after a gypsy wedding.

Zabar’s grandmother Nema Kolmykova admitted: “They didn’t have a real wedding, it was very simple. We did not have money. All they did was bring a couple of bottles of vodka.”

She added: “We accepted their relationship and could not throw them out of her house,” adding that “this is our custom”.

Meanwhile, Zabar admits the sweet romance hasn’t been that rosy after all but he did what a man should do –  drop out of school in order to cater for the family.

“Currently I am in the seventh grade at school. I am working to get some money, but plan on returning to school when I can,” he added.

And Bilana is happy to be a housewife. She said: “Zabar will be working, and I will be taking care of the family.”

The Police Department confirmed it was conducting an inquiry into the case.