Zidane Tells Madrid Players, “Don’t Analyze, Just Enjoy.”

Zinedine Zidane has made it known to Real Madrid players that he doesn’t want them to analyze how the deal against Atletico was done, he simply wants Los Blancos to enjoy the victory for the moment.

Image: Zinedine Zidane celebrates with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Zizou told AS reporters that Real Madrid’s Champions League victory was a ‘dream.’

In his words: “I dreamed of this when taking this position. You can, if you’re working with a team like this. Madrid, with its history, can do important things. We’ve achieved with effort and work. We fought until the end and deserve all of it.

“Something as big as the Champions League has a lot of work behind it. It’s not just the five months [that he’s been in charge] but from the start. I had the good fortune to be with them for five months and achieve something great.

“Dropping back wasn’t a tactic, no, but something that sometimes happens on the pitch. We scored and then sometimes you have to drop back a bit. That’s football. I don’t want to analyse anything, just enjoy what’s been achieved.

“What did I tell Florentino Perez? I said thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to coach this team.”

Image: Real Madrid celebrate with Zizou after the victory.