Zaria, Nigeria Massacre Remembered in Iran.

Since after the outrageous Zaria massacre where the senseless Nigerian Army extra Judicially killed thousands of brothers and sisters of the Islamic Movement members at Husainiyyah, Darul Rahmah, Film Village, and Sheikh Zakzaky’s house,  sympathizers from across the World were conducting gatherings and prayer sessions in solidarity with what befell brothers and sisters of the IMN.

On Friday 29th April 2016, the senseless killings was commemorated by some retinue of sympathizers in Pardisan area, Qum, Islamic Republic of Iran.

Among attendance include Nigerian students in Iran from various campuses and Iranian clerics.

Malam Isma’il Kaduna, Nigeria, was among speakers at the gathering. He explained at length some important points on the massacre, continued detention of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, his only wife and hundreds of his disciples who are yet in prison custody without trial.

Malam Isma’il also acknowledged the Nigerian regime’s plot of manufacturing Anti-Shi’a group be paid a huge amount of money to execute a fairy Anti-Shi’a campaign across the country. They are struggling in one way or the other, to see to that, they subject the Movement to total eradication.

On viewing a clip/video show of the massacre and Sheikh Zakzaky’s house was set on fire, attendance of this momentous gathering filled with dismay upon how gullible and nonchalant Nigerians are stealing mobile phones and money from the dead corps extra Judicially killed disposed by Nigerian army.

At the end of the event, clerics, students of this gathering made a vehement condemnation of this crime against humanity.

Source: The AhlulBayt News Agency