YOUTUBE GO lets users watch videos online

Google recently announced that YouTube Go–the new app designed to upgrade user experience with the video-sharing service–will allow people watch videos offline. 

The app was designed and developed with Indian users in mind, reports confirm. With the software, videos can be watched with 2G connection and even where there’s limited or no connectivity at all.

“It’s also cost-effective, providing transparency and reducing data usage,” Johanna Wright, VP of product management at YouTube, wrote in a new blog post.

India will be able to test the app first, before YouTube Go is made available for other continents.

At the moment, users in the country are free to sign up for a test run of the app. However, there’s no fixed date when we can expect YouTube Go around the world.


YouTube Go was launched at the Google for India event in New Delhi.

During the unveiling,  Google revealed its working on a project to bring public Wi-Fi to the world.

According to Digital Spy, YouTube Go will enable video sharing and allow users to select the quality and file size of the videos they wish to play. The offline content will also run adverts similar to the online version.

“Like its Google Station plans, we imagine this will see acceleration after potential success and popularity in India,” Digital Spy said.

On an average, YouTube gets 60 million unique users every month in India, according to comScore data.

Google says it’s planning a big event which will hold October 4 when it hopes to unveil all-new Pixel handsets.

There are speculations that the super search engine firm will release a pair of handsets–a standard model and a slightly larger phone with a sharper display called the Pixel XL.