World-class footballer admits sex with sister and aunt; reveals how his mom was sacrificed for money


Shiva N’Zigou, the Gabon international footballer who played for French clubs—Nantes and Saint-Nazaire AF, recently admitted to lying about his age and having sexual relationships with his own sister and aunt during cultural festivities.

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Image: Shiva N’Zigou

Shiva was also responsible for the sacrifice which claimed his mother’s life.

According to the 34-year-old Gabonese striker, his father had to conduct a blood ritual to ward off bad luck and ensure Shiva’s success as a professional footballer.

As seen in a video from Le Chronique du Gabon’s YouTube channel, the ex-Gabonese forward addresses the general public revealing how his mother was killed for fame.

Shiva’s made his 5-minue confession at an evangelical church in Gabon.

‘My mother is dead and I want to confess that she was sacrificed,’ he said in a video released on a Christian television channel TV2Vie.

‘I had sex with my aunt, and then with my sister…I slept with my sister,’ he told the congregation.

‘I slept with a man…I also had another long-term sexual relationship with a male friend.’

The Tchibanga-born footballer continued, ‘I signed many contracts and my father wanted all the money for him, he told me he was going to kill my mother.

‘I refused, but he did it in order that his spirit helped me to advance in my football career.’

Shiva also revealed he lied about his real age before joining Angers Academy, France in 1997. He was named the youngest player to score in an African Cup at 16 years old even though, in reality, he was 21.

‘I’m five years older,’ he added. ‘I lied about my age when we went to France.’

Shiva later played for the famous Nantes youth system made his debut for the senior side in 2002. He was later loaned to FC Gueugnon before signing a contract with Reims in 2005. The striker eventually left France in 2011 to join Belgian Third Division team Royal Excelsior Virton.