Women are smarter than men – Lee Daniels

Lee Louis Daniels, the American film and television producer-director, has argued that “women are smarter than men.” He made the statement while discussing issues related to empowering women through his projects and works.

Over the years, Daniels has adored women in his TV projects, especially the “Empire” series.

The “Monster’s Ball” director told Stephen Colbert during his latest appearance at “The Late Show” that one of the reasons he appreciates women is because they’re “smarter than men.” The 56-year-old added that this makes it easier for him to feature them more in his projects.

“I just think women are far more complicated, and I find that they are really interesting and fascinating to write for. So yeah, so most of my work comes from crazy Cookie’s and such, you know.” Lee Daniels said in a statement.

Daniels, who also produced “The Paperboy, also revealed that his upcoming project “Star” will showcase women of strength. It’ll be a contrast from the widely accepted myth that black girls are better used as prostitutes, slaves or drug addicts.

“It’s not just about the girls finding family. We’re talking about race,” said the director.

“At the time, (Donald) Trump was not president. But I knew we were at civil war. I wanted this girl in this girl group to be white. I wanted her to have a sister who was half-black. And I wanted the black girl to be rich,” Lee added.

“And then I wanted them to tear each other apart because you know there are no girl groups. The reason that there are no girl groups is that they only last a couple of years.”

Lee’s father, a former Philadelphia police officer William Daniels died in 1975. Daniels was a teenager when his father was “killed in the line of duty”.

The famous Hollywood producer revealed in a public statement that his father was abusive and violent, adding that he even tried “to beat it [being gay] out of me.”